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The optical team at SPECS offers a vast collection of designer eye wear and budget eye wear. We make sure to help with your lens selection. This can get confusing. While at some offices this can be overwhelming dealing with unexperienced “sales people” at SPECS we are highly trained and equipped to make sure your experience is nothing less than perfect! Jeremy has selected some of our latest designer eye wear collections of high quality, latest fashion trends and most important, functionality. Our knowledgeable staff will assist in your selection all while considering your lifestyle, occupation, and your hobbies. These are important factors when choosing a frame and lens design.

Three Types of Lens choices:


These are no line multifocals. Although there are many types we choose to use the brand Varilux. At SPECS we use the latest and greatest technology brought to us by Varilux progressive lenses. Click here to see why Varilux is the popular choice. In our opinion, and millions of others, Varilux progressives offer you a much far superior experience when looking through your eye glasses.


Have you had distortion in your progressives? Have you had issues reading in your progressives? Are you tilting your head back while using the computer? Unfortunately these are common annoyances when measured incorrectly or when purchasing “run of the mill” progressives. Our opticians have the experience to correct this.

Single Vision:

These lenses are for distance, reading or computer. The idea here is pretty basic. You may only need a correction for one of the above. Maybe it is driving at night giving you an issue. Perhaps you have just turned 40 and your cell phone is not so clear anymore. A single vision lens can correct for this.


The most common multi-focals are either a bi-focal or a tri-focal. Traditionally a bi-focal will have one line towards the bottom and that area will be magnified for reading. The top portion is for your distance. Add one more line to that lens and now you have a tri-focal. The center area of this lens will now assist you in the computer range, about 16 mm. Keep in mind that Dr. Camargo can manipulate your RX to change up the focals points you wish to have.

Coatings/ Add ons:

We are an authorized Crizal dealer. Crizal will help eliminate most glares that you may be noticing when driving at night, using your computer and or in a room with fluorescent lighting. Crizal has been leading the field with the best Anti-Glare coating out there. Click here to see more information.


These lenses change colors when the sun/ UV rays directly impact your glasses. There are two main colors for this, Brown and Grey. Over the years technology has advanced and there are other types of transitions. Some that polarize and some that get a little bit darker. Click here to get more information.

Polarized Lenses: These Sun glass lenses have a filter that reduce intense light which in turn will reduce glare.  Polarized lenses m ,are especially helpful during the rainy season, on the water fishing or boating, driving and are extremely helpful for patients that are a bit more sensitive to the bright sun.  There are two main colors, grey and brown.  There are a few more options when it comes to making the elite pair of sunglasses such as adding a mirror or backside anti-glare coatings. Please contact office for any questions.

Our knowledgeable staff will go over your lens material options. You must be aware of the materials you are buying and the purpose of each. We do not want you to be taken advantage of and will help you with these decisions, even if you are not our patient.




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